Property Identification & Valuation Challenges – Illinois Home Study


IL Credit Type: Elective

Credit Hours: 3

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In this course, auctioneers will learn the importance of their role in performing a broad range of valuation services. This includes clarifying their role with the client, and practicing in a manner that demonstrates the highest level of ethics and competency. Auctioneers have suggested that they encounter a wide range of challenges in identifying, evaluating, appraising and/or performing pre-auction price estimates. The course will provide an overview of valuation services performed by auctioneers, reinforce the underlying factors that both create and impact value, and stress the difference between value and price. Though not an appraisal course, some time will be spent discussing several concepts and definitions from appraisal standards and what auctioneers can learn from them. Development and reporting, for both appraisals and non-appraisal valuation services, will be discussed at length.

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